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You’ve seen this story countless times.

But the ending doesn’t have to be so predictable.

A Unique Challenge

Teaching math is a unique challenge for elementary school educators. Progressions are critical, anxiety is high, and mastery doesn’t come easy.

High Stakes

Failure to master the fundamentals early will prohibit any future mastery, so falling behind isn’t an option.

The One Certainty

Students will fall behind. It happens in every classroom, every year, no matter how much care and attention educators provide.

The Right Response

We know educators, and they care… a lot. So, when students can’t get back to making meaningful progress, it’s not for a lack of attention, effort or care. It’s got to be something else.

It’s Not Getting Easier

While inclusive classrooms have been great for all kinds of learners, they present educators with even more complexity. Keeping everyone on track is as challenging as ever.

Complicating Matters

Even with co-teachers, students needing remediation require different approaches.

Small Windows

You know that a quick intervention is the best way forward, ensuring individual success without having to sacrifice the progress of the rest of the class. It’s a small window, and educators need the right tools to ensure success.

Back on Track

TouchMath helps you give every student the best chance to close the math gap and get back on track. Our curriculum and resources are designed to quickly help students make progress toward mastery of math fundamentals, so they don’t stay behind.

Math presents many
opportunities to fall behind.

Without a way to correct course, every passing lesson becomes more and more difficult. The gap widens and the progressions seem more and more distant. Students who don’t master addition won’t master subtraction, let alone division, or fractions, or algebra.

There’s a better way
to ensure their progress.

With TouchMath, you get tools that enable you to remediate the right way, keeping each student on track to progress and able to back up when they need to revisit topics. Finally, a proven methodology for when you – and they – need it.

TouchMath moves students along standards-based learning progressions, supported by manipulatives and hands-on activities, to build strong foundations for math success.

We believe students deserve the best chance to close the gap.

Exclusion doesn’t belong in the classroom. But when students are in need of remediation, educators often feel forced to choose excluding the many who need to stay on track or exclude the few who are falling behind. TouchMath solves this impossible dilemma.

Now, when a student needs to readdress a lesson, you’ve got exactly what you need – in your hands – to jump into action with them. No more isolation, no more exclusion. It seamlessly enables remediation alongside their peers, based on a proven methodology that outperforms other interventions.

Students with a variety of learning needs within the same classroom can realize progress when you’ve got the right plan in place. With TouchMath, you get both the resources and the support you need to make it happen.





As an educator, there’s no greater reward than when you instill belief in the children you teach, and TouchMath helps you realize that belief more often. The care and attention you give them, day in and day out, is put to better use with the right tools in your hands to intervene early, and get them on track the right way.


Let’s face it, when math is hard for students, it’s hard for teachers. The anxiety math can cause affects students’ ability to learn and causes problems for parents and educators that can persist if left unaddressed. TouchMath helps you keep them on track, relieving the stress that math can cause for everyone.


As an educator who cares about your students, you need to know that something you bring into the classroom is really going to work. Built based on the Concrete-Representational-Abstract continuum, TouchMath has been studied to prove its efficacy. Time and again, TouchMath gets results, proving more effective than controls and other methods of remediation.

Here’s what you get with TouchMath.

Whether it’s core curriculum or supplemental resources, you have the tools you need, when you need them.

TouchMath is a complete solution, everything you need to teach math
as a core curriculum or to supplement your current core for remediation.

Roll over the products to learn more about what’s included as
a part of the complete TouchMath solution.

Clarifire TM Product Image


Students engage with math in new and unique ways that help reinforce principles and achieve mastery.



Students start with concrete learning, using manipulatives that help them see, hear, say and touch the foundations of math.



Reinforce mastery with flashcards that employ the TouchMath curriculum.


Training Materials

You’re not alone. TouchMath gives you the print materials and live support you need to ensure they get ahead.


Multi-Tier Units

Everything students will need to engage with the TouchMath curriculum.


Digital Content

Engage students with multi-media experiences with TouchMath digital content.



Identify existing knowledge and measure student growth.


Financial Literacy

Money Kit unlocks financial literacy, money and how it’s used.



Display vibrant visual reinforcement for a variety of math skills.

Seamlessly Aligns to Your State Standards

TouchMath gives you the alignments you need to fit your state standards, no matter where you teach. We’ll show you how TouchMath can integrate into popular core math programs, or how to use it as a standards-based curriculum that stands on its own.

Visit our website to download your state’s alignments.

Really, Math Is Fun!

The TouchMath curriculum engages senses that are often left out of learning math. For students, this means a chance to experience math the same way they do some of their favorite subjects.

For educators, the carefully crafted lesson plans, activities and manipulatives mean students look forward to math and the progress the class makes together.

It Works

The science behind TouchMath has been studied and proven time and again. When TouchMath is tested against controls or against other methods of intervention, it outperforms both.

Visit our website to see the studies that prove it. Follow the curriculum, get the results, and achieve progress with your students.

Standards-Based Products

Meet and exceed standards.

We’re excited to continue the conversation.

I’m ready to help you find the right mix of TouchMath products to propel your classroom forward, together.

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