Distance Learning

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Providing quality math instruction and intervention with manipulative support can be done remotely, but it’s important to have the right tools and knowledge to keep students learning and progressing in their math education.

This page highlights several TouchMath products and services that can be adapted for remote, blended or distance learning environments — or browse our digital catalog for even more distance learning options (just look for the distance learning icon).

Individual Student Sets  NEW!

TouchMath is now proud to offer individualized hands-on manipulative and workbook sets, perfectly suited for distance learning, ESY/summer school, homeschool, and independent learning. These single-student sets include some of our most popular hands-on resources, making concrete learning accessible to all students, in or outside the classroom.

TouchMath PRO  NEW!

TouchMath PRO is our new digital platform that supports personalized learning and remediation in any environment. Designed to be used as a standalone resource or together with our award-winning manipulatives, TouchMath PRO is a digital solution for the challenges educators face as they teach math.

TouchMath Connect  NEW!

Designed for use with all age levels and special education, TouchMath Connect has been upgraded to work on more devices and extends available math skills to include skip counting, multiplication, division, fractions and pre-algebra.

TouchMath Mobile Math Apps

The same powerful TouchMath multisensory learning experience on your tablet! Affordable for both schools and parents, our Counting and Addition apps let each individual student play their way through math concepts, while the optional app dashboard helps teachers track student progress.

TouchMath Intervention Workbooks

These single-student use workbooks are a distance learning must, and can supplement any math program. Available for grades Pre-K through Upper Grades, covering topics from Counting through Fractions and Decimals.

TouchMath Home Learning

TouchMath offers a comprehensive Homeschool program for grades Pre-K – Upper Grades. Downloadable activity sheets, instructional strategies, and assessments keep students moving forward when distance learning is required.

Samples and Free Stuff

TouchMath has compiled hundreds of downloadable resources to help educators and parents/caregivers with the challenges of distance learning.