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Providing quality math instruction and intervention with manipulative support can be done remotely, but it’s important to have the right tools and knowledge to keep students learning and progressing in their math education.

TouchMath remains committed to our mission of helping students conquer math with targeted resources, individualized product bundles, and customized Professional Learning, all designed to ensure educators can support students in any environment.

On this page, we have identified TouchMath products and services that can be adapted for remote, blended or distance learning environments. And to help, our Professional Learning team has developed a useful webinar that explores effective practices for distance learning, including how to use manipulatives and best practices for quality math instruction that supports SPED, RtI and targeted intervention students.

As parents, grandparents, caregivers, former educators and administrators, we recognize how challenging it is to be faced with distance learning. As citizens, we recognize how troubling this pandemic is overall. We are committed to ensuring you’re able to keep your students learning, while everyone stays safe.

The TouchMath Team

TouchMath Computation
Video Playlist

Beginning with the TouchPoints and Touching/Counting Patterns, and moving through all math computation steps through advanced concepts such as fractions and pre-algebra, the TouchMath system provides a unique and effective approach that has raised test scores for five decades. These videos give you a glimpse inside each computation step and demonstrate how the program can make math easy, fun, and accessible for you and your students.

Samples and Free Stuff

TouchMath has compiled hundreds of downloadable resources to help educators and parents/caregivers with the challenges of distance learning.

TouchMath Connect

Designed for use with all age levels and special education, TouchMath Connect has been upgraded to work on more devices and extends available math skills to include skip counting, multiplication, division, fractions and pre-algebra.

TouchMath Mobile Math Apps

Subtraction App Coming Soon! The same powerful TouchMath multisensory learning experience on your tablet! Affordable for both schools and parents, our Counting and Addition apps let each individual student play their way through math concepts, while the included online dashboard helps teachers track student progress.

TouchMath Intervention Workbooks

These single-student use workbooks are a distance learning must, and can supplement any math program. Available for grades Pre-K through Upper Grades, covering topics from Counting through Fractions and Decimals. For educators looking to equip small or large group learning, select the Bundle option. For educators or parents/caregivers looking to purchase single workbooks, select the Individual option, and enter access code LFHWKB20.

TouchMath Flex

Hands-on intervention is possible, even in a distance learning environment. With safety in mind, TouchMath Flex gives educators the flexibility to create individualized curriculum and manipulative sets, allowing students to succeed using their own personal set of resources.

TouchMath Green Editions

Create and manage lesson plans remotely with digital access to TouchMath Standards-Based Program Units and Intervention Program Kits. Download only the activity sheets you need, and distribute electronically to your students.

TouchMath at Home

TouchMath offers a comprehensive Homeschool program for grades Pre-K – Upper Grades. Downloadable activity sheets, instructional strategies, and assessments keep students moving forward when distance learning is required.

TouchMath is a multisensory math program that makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible for students who struggle to understand grade-level content. TouchMath is committed to maximizing student potential through its worldwide delivery of hands-on math programs, cultivating success with individuals of all abilities and learning styles.

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