Who knew assessments could be fun?

Formative assessments are a fun and easy way for students to self-assess, giving you important information to adjust teaching and learning and improve students’ outcomes.

Why Formative Assessments?

Formative assessments are a first step for personalizing intervention and remediation. These creative exercises quickly measure student understanding and help you adjust teaching to improve students’ achievements based on their individual needs. 

Formative assessments can: 

Provide meaningful feedback from students in a fun and engaging way. 

Encourage self-assessment, empowering students to reflect on their skills.  

Drive independent learning by giving you information on how to personalize your lesson plans. 

Save you critical time by making it easy to understand where students may be struggling. 

Fun Formative Assessments to Try in Your Classroom

Fist to Five

After a lesson, students use one hand to indicate how well they understand the content. A fully closed fist means not at all, and five fingers means completely understand.

Touch, Count, and Teach

Put students in pairs or small groups and hand each student a TouchMath TouchCard. Ask each student to complete the problem and explain to their partner or group how they found their answer.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Give each student a paper exit ticket and ask them to put it in the stack that represents how well they understand the lesson. The stacks will let you know if they get it, sort of get it, or don’t get it at all.

One Page Before Play

Each page of the TouchMath Proficiency Workbooks focuses on a specific standard. Before recess or at the end of the day, give students enough time to complete a page or selection of problems.

Emoji Exit Tickets

Using emoji to indicate understanding of a lesson can be a fun way for students to self-assess. Print exit slips with a range of emoji and ask students to explain why they made that selection.

Fun and Formative

Our free TouchMath Fun Sheets are a great way to keep math lighthearted while also seeing where students may need more help. Use one fun sheet as an exit ticket before students leave for the day.

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Easily Personalize Intervention and Remediation

Formative assessments can be an easy and fun way to truly understand where your students need additional support. The next step is to personalize intervention and remediation. 

TouchMath can help. Our new digital platform makes it easy for students to work on the individual skills they need, so they can make meaningful progress in math. Explore TouchMath PRO here!