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Standards-Based Program Samples

TouchMath Pre-K Standards-Based Program uses a themed multisensory approach to make math concepts fun and accessible for every student. Scaffolded daily lessons plans hale students master the basics before tackling more advanced concepts. Learn More

Pre-K Samples:

Pre-K Unit: Math Readiness Skills

TouchMath Kindergarten Standards-Based Program gives educators tools to help students progress in their math journey through repetition. students learn how to represent and compare whole numbers and describe shapes and space using TouchMath’s scaffolded concrete to representational to abstract presentations and multisensory activities. Learn More

Kindergarten Samples:

Unit 1: Numbers Level 1
Unit 2: Numbers Level 2
Unit 3: Numbers Level 3
Unit 4: Measurement, Data and Geometry

TouchMath First Grade Standards-Based Program includes engaging activities and educator resources to teach each standard with multisensory materials that ensure success. Students learn addition, subtraction, whole number relationships, place value, and linear measurement and reasoning with geometric shapes, all guided by the TouchMath approach. Learn More

First Grade Samples:

Unit 1: Numeracy Level 1
Unit 2: Numeracy Level 2
Unit 3: Numeracy Level 3
Unit 4: Measurement, Data and Geometry

TouchMath Second Grade Standards-Based Program empowers students to excel in more advanced concepts with confidence and competence. Students master base-ten notation, standard units of measure, fluency in addition and subtraction, and much more using the highly scaffolded TouchMath multisensory approach, preparing them for more advanced concepts. Learn More

Second Grade Samples:

Unit 1: Addition and Subtraction 1
Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction 2
Unit 3: Operations with Multi-Digit Numbers
Unit 4: Measurement, Data and Geometry

TouchMath Upper Grades Standards-Based Program makes it easy for students to catch up and keep up in higher-level math. Materials are organized in 10 topic-based units that use the TouchMath approach to reinforce specific skills for grades K-6 standards. Each unit allows students the opportunity to back up and master foundational skills they may have missed, so they can quickly get back on track. Learn More

Upper Grades Samples:

Unit 1: Addition and Subtraction 1
Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction 2
Unit 3: Skip Counting
Unit 4: Multiplication and Division 1
Unit 5: Multiplication and Division 2
Unit 6: Mixed Operations with Whole Numbers
Unit 7: Fractions, Decimals and Percents 1
Unit 8: Fractions, Decimals and Percents 2
Unit 9: Measurement, Data and Geometry
Unit 10: Pre-Algebra

RtI Program Samples

TouchMath Kindergarten RtI Program provides the tools to help your most challenged students grab and hold on to math success. Designed for intervention and remediation and arranged by topic, our RtI Program is one of the most mulisensory programs available. Learn More

Kindergarten Samples:

Kit 1: Counting, Readiness and Addition
Kit 2: Backward Counting, Readiness and Subtraction
Kit 3: General Math

TouchMath First Grade RtI Program hales students stop guessing and become confident in their ability to get it right. The touching and counting patterns are easy to understand, easy to use, and ensure the right answer – every time. Learn More

First Grade Samples:

Kit 1: Counting and Addition
Kit 2: Backward Counting and Subtraction
Kit 3: General Math

TouchMath Second Grade RtI Program helps your remedial second graders overcome math anxiety and build confidence in their ability to succeed in math and in life. Build the missing foundation of understanding with TouchMath’s proven method and powerful curriculum that together make it all come together for students. Learn More

Second Grade Samples:

Kit 1: Addition and Beginning Multiplication
Kit 2: Subtraction and Beginning Division
Kit 3: General Math

Supplemental Resource Samples

The TouchMath Money Kit presents practical real world skills in an engaging, easy to understand format. Students will identify coins and bills, learn how to make change (even before they understand decimals), and spark sustained interest in financial literacy with money concepts taught the TouchMath way. Learn More

Money Kit Samples:

Money Kit: Coins
Money Kit: Bills
Money Kit: Computation

Know where each student needs to start and where to target help, standard by standard. Placement Tests are designed for beginning-of-year assessment based on the previous grade level standards to ensure grade-level readiness. Proficiency Tests are designed for end-of-year assessment of the standards and content presented throughout the year. Learn More

Placement Test Samples:

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Proficiency Test Samples:

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Free Stuff

Download and print your own TouchMath TouchCubes, available in full-color and black and white for numerals 0-9. Print on heavy paper and distribute to your students to cut out and assemble. Try our suggested activities or create your own to improve student understanding of number value, reinforce the Touching/Counting Patterns and build proficiency in basic math skills. TouchCube Activity Ideas

TouchCubes Masters:

Collect all 10! Click the TouchCubes below to download.


Reinforce the Touching/Counting Patterns with this free TouchMath poster! Pair with printable activity sheets for a fun hands-on activity. TouchPoint Activity Sheets

Free TouchMath Poster:

Click the poster image below to download.

Download and print your own TouchMath TouchDice for a fun and multisensory game you can play anywhere. Print on heavy paper and distribute to your students to cut out and assemble. For gameplay, print and assemble multiple Number Die and pair with one of the included Operations Die (Addition and Subtraction Die, Multiplication and Division Die, Greater Than / Less Than Die, or Mixed Operations Die), then roll your way to a fun and engaging gameplay experience.

TouchDice Masters:

Click the image below to download.

Keep your students engaged all year long!  Free downloadable Calendars let students color and fill in their own calendar (one for each month), complete with fun facts. Free downloadable Fun Sheets include a variety of activities for students of all skill levels (24 sheets in all) with TouchPoints and visual cues for reinforcement.

Calendars and Fun Sheets:

Download Calendars
Download Fun Sheets