Math Success in Any
Learning Environment

Learning is more effective when students can start with the concrete. TouchMath is the only curriculum that uses the numeral as a manipulative, giving students the chance to touch, see, and hear the number as they learn in any environment.

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TouchMath gives students a solid foundation,
wherever their learning takes place.

TouchMath Homeschool Programs are available as a download or in print, from Pre-K through Upper Grades. Each grade level contains hundreds of student activity sheets and instructional guides with easy-to-deliver lesson plans, real-world activities,
and testing materials. Our manipulatives, posters, flash cards and other aids help reinforce key concepts for students who need extra support outside of the classroom.

TouchMath has the tools you need for home learning.

From homeschools to tutors to parents (and everything inbetween), TouchMath makes math accessible in any learning environment.


Easily administered over the course of a school year, the homeschool program ensures students master the essentials.

Learning Aids

Individualized TouchMath manipulatives and poster sets make math accessible to students in any learning environment.

Skills Practice

Grade level skills practice for TouchPoints, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, time, money and more.


Fun and engaging TouchMath mobile math apps make learning from anywhere easy. Designed for iPad, Chromebook, and Android tablets.


Making a difference.

“TouchMath has been a game-changer for us in a very short period of time. Math was always the subject our son tried to avoid, but he would ask to do TouchMath. It’s allowed him to regain his confidence now that he enjoys math!”

— Rebecca K., Homeschool Parent

Free TouchMath Resources

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Training that meets your needs.

We believe everyone using TouchMath should have equal access to our professional learning. TouchMath University offers a variety of live and on-demand training and support services on curriculum implementation and instruction.

Designed with Home in Mind

TouchMath has adapted many of its essential resources and curriculum materials to work for homeschools, math tutors, student families looking to help their students succeed, and the needs of students learning outside the traditional classroom.

Hands-On is More Fun

The TouchMath curriculum engages senses
that are often left out of learning math. Carefully crafted lesson plans, activities, and manipulatives gives students the opportunity to experience math the same way they do some of their favorite subjects.

Methodology That Works

The science behind TouchMath has been
studied and proven time and again. When TouchMath is tested against controls or against other methods of intervention, it outperforms both. Follow the curriculum, get the results, and achieve progress with your students.