TouchMath PRO is Effective and Efficient

TouchMath PRO is our new digital addition that empowers educators to personalize learning, easily provide intervention or remediation for struggling students, and monitor their progress. The platform expands upon our award-winning, research-proven TouchMath methodology, Concrete-Representational-Abstract curriculum and classroom aids. TouchMath PRO has PII and Student Data Privacy protections built in, and can be used as a standalone digital platform or together with our popular manipulatives for in-person, hybrid, or distance learning.

Personalized Learning Plan

TouchMath PRO makes it easy to set up individualized and personalized learning plans, giving each student the opportunity to learn at a level and pace that meets their individual needs. With PII and Student Data Privacy built in, you can create custom learning plans for individual students, groups or classes with complete control over assigning, saving and printing the activity sheets they need to succeed.

Remediation and Intervention Planner

The TouchMath PRO Skills Rainbow puts remediation and intervention within reach. With access to the entire TouchMath curriculum, you can easily select activity sheets based on skill across any grade level. Skill selection is simple, and we even highlight precursor skills to effortlessly reinforce the foundations. Activity sheets are free of any grade level reference, so students can focus on success.

Core Curriculum Planner

TouchMath PRO can be used as a core curriculum for general and special education students in the regular classroom or resource room. The Grade Rainbow makes it easy to choose the grade level program you need, and use the units and modules in sequential order. You can also pair the activity sheets with TouchMath manipulatives to reinforce concrete concepts using a hands-on approach.


TouchMath PRO makes grading and lesson planning easy. The gradebook includes tools allowing educators to view and print guided teacher edition directions for each activity sheet, reference answer keys for simple grading, and update scores and add comments for each individual student activity sheet. You can also easily export student grades to your existing learning management system.


TouchMath PRO makes tracking student progress simple with integrated progress and intervention reports. Progress reports show overall student progress while intervention reports give a detailed view of student progress through each skill, highlighting areas of success and areas needing additional support. Integrated filter and export functions make it easy to share individual student reports with parents and caregivers.

Student Interface

The student interface is in the works! Please stay tuned for updates.

The TouchMath PRO student-facing portal will be an interactive and easy to use interface, giving students the ability to digitally complete their personalized lessons. Whether the student is in the classroom or learning from home, our simple and clear design will allow students of all ages a whole new way to engage with their math lessons. With auto scoring of our over 5,000 activities up and down the entire TouchMath curriculum, tracking student progress will be easier than ever!

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