TouchMath PRO is Effective and Efficient

TouchMath PRO is our new digital tool that empowers educators to personalize learning for targeted intervention, enables students to focus on specific skills, and the flexible interface allows for in-person, distance, and blended learning. The platform expands upon TouchMath’s evidence-based, multi sensory approach of using the numeral as a manipulative, strategic visual cues, and Concrete-Representational-Abstract continuum – the way students learn math.  TouchMath PRO has PII and Student Data Privacy protections built in, and is compliant with COPA, FERPA, HIPPA, and state privacy laws.

Personalized Learning in Action

TouchMath PRO makes math learning progressions clear and actionable for targeted intervention. Create individual, group, or class plans using our visually distinct Skills Rainbow — which grows vertically from number sense up through algebra, and each skill strand extends horizontally (left-to-right) increasing in difficulty and grade level. Target the specific skills each student needs, and TouchMath PRO will automatically adapt and guide students forward or back based on their performance. With options to complete student work digitally or by printable activity sheets, TouchMath PRO gives all students the chance to master the foundational skills they need to succeed in math.

New Student Interface

The easy-to-use student interface allows students to complete assignments digitally. Questions with TouchMath visual cues are presented one-at-a-time allowing students to focus on the right answer before moving forward. As students progress, they earn fun badges to help them stay engaged and motivated. As answers are auto scored, the TouchMath PRO algorithm automatically adapts and guides students forward or back based on their performance — while still allowing educators the ability to intervene at any time. A variety of response modes prepare students for testing while also pushing them from representational to abstract math understanding.

Print Activity Sheets

TouchMath PRO also allows educators the ability to assign printable activity sheets, from number concepts through algebra. Using the Skills Rainbow, choose a targeted skill to browse and select as many (or as few) printable activity sheets as needed per student, group, or class. Foundational activity sheets are easily accessible if students need to drop down and review precursor skills. You can print your selected activity sheets now, or download to distribute electronically or save to Google Classroom. Student packets print with a cover page for easy sorting and are free of any grade level reference so students can work with confidence. Educators can record student scores in the TouchMath PRO gradebook to generate reports that will aid in data-driven instruction.

Data-Driven Reporting

TouchMath PRO makes tracking student, group, and class progress simple with dynamic real-time data. Student dashboards give you a snapshot of total plans completed, pending, and in progress, with colorful charts comparing digital and print activity sheet work to help show where students excel and where they may need help. Growth reports highlight student progress and foundational skill relearning, helping to indicate where intervention is needed. You can also view how students are progressing through the Skills Rainbow, strand-by-strand, and related to grade level. Print and share any report to keep co-teachers and paraprofessionals informed, while keeping student families engaged.

Implementation and Data Privacy

TouchMath PRO will work with your school or district administration to upload educator and student rosters. Student rosters can also be uploaded or modified by educators that are designated as team leaders. Each team leader can add up to three team members, great for co-teaching or use with para-professionals. Team members have their own account and can do everything a team leader can, with exception of modifying students or groups. In-person, virtual, and blended training options are available to make sure you implement TouchMath PRO with success. TouchMath PRO is compliant with COPA, FERPA, HIPPA, and state privacy laws. Click here to view our privacy policy.

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