Math Success for
Every Student

Learning is more effective when students can start with the concrete. This is especially true for many students with special needs or exceptionalities.

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TouchMath gives every student a solid foundation.

TouchMath is the only curriculum that uses the numeral as a manipulative, giving students the chance to touch, see, and hear the number as they learn. From full standards-based units and manipulatives, to subject-specific workbooks and classroom aids, TouchMath has everything students need to build a strong foundation in math, regardless of their skill level. Our curriculum covers content from Pre-K to Upper Grades (pre-algebra).

Whether it’s core curriculum or supplemental resources,
TouchMath has the tools you need.

TouchMath is a complete solution, offering everything you need to teach math as a core curriculum or as a supplement in a special education environment.


Day-by-day teacher guides make lesson planning and student instruction easy, from Pre-K to Upper Grades.

Learning Aids

Specialized TouchMath manipulatives and poster sets make math accessible to more students.


Supplemental Intervention Kits reinforce the TouchMath foundations, Kindergarten to Upper Grades.

Skills Practice

Help students catch up and push them forward with grade and skill-focused student workbooks.


Make classroom skills practice fun and interactive with TouchMath Connect Interactive Software.


Making a difference.

“TouchMath has been an amazing curriculum to use in my Structured Learning Center. We have seen student growth consistently for the past several years. Every child deserves to show growth year to year and TouchMath has been a great tool to make that happen!”

— Tess M., Learning Specialist, Oregon

Free TouchMath Resources

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Training that meets your needs.

Educators who work with exceptional students deserve customized professional learning. With TouchMath, you get both the resources and the support you need to make it happen. Our TouchMath University team works with educators and administrators to tailor an onsite, virtual, on-demand, and blended professional learning program that provides the right mix of curriculum implementation and instructional support.

Aligns to Your State Standards

TouchMath gives you the alignments you need
to fit your state standards, no matter where you teach. We’ll show you how TouchMath can integrate into popular core math programs, or how to use it as a standards-based curriculum that stands on its own.

Hands-On is More Fun

The TouchMath curriculum engages senses
that are often left out of learning math. Carefully crafted lesson plans, activities, and manipulatives gives students the opportunity to experience math the same way they do some of their favorite subjects.

Methodology That Works

The science behind TouchMath has been
studied and proven time and again. When TouchMath is tested against controls or against other methods of intervention, it outperforms both. Follow the curriculum, get the results, and achieve progress with your students.