A better way to remediate math!

  • Personalized Learning Plans

    Individualized and personalized learning plans give each student the opportunity to learn at a level and pace that meets their individual needs. Create custom learning plans for individual students, groups or entire classrooms with complete control over assigning, saving and printing the activity sheets they need to succeed.

  • Remediation Planner

    With access to the entire Standards-Based curriculum, you can easily select activity sheets based on skill across any grade level (Pre-K – Upper Grades). Skill selection is simple, and we even highlight precursor skills to effortlessly reinforce the foundations. Activity sheets are free of any grade level reference, so students can focus on success.

  • Core Curriculum Planner

    Use as a core curriculum for general and special education students in the regular classroom or resource room. Just choose the grade level program you need (Pre-K – Upper Grades) and use the units and modules in sequential order. You can also pair the activity sheets with TouchMath manipulatives and poster sets to reinforce concrete concepts using a hands-on approach.

  • Gradebook

    The grade book includes tools allowing educators to view and print guided teacher edition directions for each activity sheet, reference answer keys for simple grading, and update scores and add comments for each individual student activity sheet. You can also easily export student grades to your existing learning management system.

  • Reports

    Track student progress with integrated progress and intervention reports. Progress reports show overall student progress while intervention reports give a detailed view of student progress through each still, highlighting areas of success and areas needing additional support. Integrated filter and export functions make it easy to share individual student reports with parents and caregivers.

Remediation is hard for students. It shouldn’t be hard on educators.

TouchMath is excited to announce TouchMathPRO, a digital personalized learning platform giving educators access to over 4,000 activity sheets! With Standards-Based content spanning Pre-K – Upper Grades, skill-specific intervention has never been easier. Simply select, assign and print activity sheets based on skill or grade level. Personalized learning plans with integrated reporting lets you chart the way for each student, group, or classroom.

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TouchMath is a multisensory math program that makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible for students who struggle to understand grade-level content. TouchMath is committed to maximizing student potential through its worldwide delivery of hands-on math programs, cultivating success with individuals of all abilities and learning styles.

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