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The TouchMath team periodically offers free webinars on timely topics.
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5 Best Practices and 20 Actions to Address Math Gaps for Fall 2020

July 2020  |  Free

How can you prepare for the next school year when there are so many unknowns? How are we going to address the inevitable gaps in knowledge that are a result of both the expected summer learning loss and COVID slide? Should you reteach what was missed last year, or focus on acceleration? How can you quickly determine what students know and what they really know?

Teaching Math Through Distance Learning

April 2020  |  Free

When schools closed in response to COVID-19, the TouchMath University team took action and hosted two free webinars to help educators teach math through distance learning.

Open Enrollment Webinars

Join TouchMath educators from across the country for one of our live, online Open Enrollment Professional Learning courses. Led by the TouchMath University team, these 2-hour sessions are designed to help you implement and teach TouchMath with ease. Whether you are new to TouchMath, or looking to brush up on your skills, these timely and targeted sessions are suitable for all experience levels, including Math Teachers, SPED Teachers, Instructional Coaches, and Homeschool Parents.

TouchMath is a multisensory math program that makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible for students who struggle to understand grade-level content. TouchMath is committed to maximizing student potential through its worldwide delivery of hands-on math programs, cultivating success with individuals of all abilities and learning styles.

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