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TouchMath Teacher PowerHours provide you with new insights to help your students succeed, all while using TouchMath tools that are already in your classroom! Join us on Zoom every Wednesday (Noon Eastern) and Thursday (3 pm Eastern).

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Three Best Practices for Effective Math Teaching This Summer

TouchMath University team discuss ideas and strategies to address unfinished learning during summer school or extended school year.

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder the TouchMath Way

A special 2-hour workshop where our trainers discuss how TouchMath meets the unique needs of educating and supporting students with ASD.

How to Personalize Math Remediation and Intervention Anywhere, Anytime

Teachers and TouchMath trainers discuss ideas and strategies to personalize math remediation and intervention while transitioning between face-to-face and virtual learning.

Tools and Ideas for Delivering Effective Math Instruction to Struggling Learners

Teachers and TouchMath trainers share effective tools, strategies and techniques to assess math gaps and foster student learning in any learning environment.

5 Best Practices and 20 Actions to Address Math Gaps

TouchMath trainers discuss how can you prepare for the next school year and address the inevitable gaps that are a result of both the expected summer learning loss and COVID slide.

Teaching Math Through Distance Learning

When schools closed in response to COVID-19, TouchMath trainers took action by presenting suggestions and solutions to help educators teach math through distance learning.

3 Best Practices for Effective Teaching This Summer

Free Webinar
Wednesday, May 5, 2021
1 – 2 pm Eastern

Join us for a free 1-hour virtual webinar where we discuss ideas and strategies to address unfinished learning during summer school or extended school year.

Open to TouchMath users of all abilities, this free session will discuss:

  • How to accelerate and not remediate in order to address unfinished learning and prepare students for the new school year
  • The key math skills and concepts to cover 
  • How to design an effective summer school day for face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid situations 
  • 3 evidence-based practices to use during the lesson to move students as rapidly as possible towards readiness

All registrants (including those unable to make the live class) will receive a certificate of attendance, on-demand access to the webinar recording, and a list of TouchMath resources.

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How District Leaders Are Supporting Teachers to Close Math Achievement Gaps

Registration: FREE

Join fellow district and school leaders for a free one-hour virtual Thought Leadership session where we will share learnings, examples, strategies, and techniques that can be used to support educators, students, and families (regardless of the learning environment) to meet the challenges we are facing.

Presented by:

Sandra Elliott, Ph.D.
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We know this has been an unusual year for PK-12 education and that educators have faced challenges that have been daunting. Education and administration, with the day to day changes has not always been smooth or simple. Thus, the question: How do district and school leaders support teachers in the current complex learning environment? Suitable for school and district directors, attendees will learn:

  • Tools and techniques that can be used to inform assessment
  • Strategies for supporting the most vulnerable students in and out of the classroom
  • Ideas for supporting students and staff to mitigate the trauma that interferes with learning

Upcoming Free Events

Summer and Back to School
Open House

Free Office Hours
Tuesday, June 22, 2021
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Eastern

Summer and Back to School
Open House

Free Office Hours
Thursday, June 24, 2021
 – 2 pm Eastern

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How to Personalize Math Remediation and Intervention Anywhere, Anytime

Thursday, February 18, 2021
3:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern
Registration: FREE

Join fellow TouchMath educators for a free one-hour virtual Around the Worktable session where we discuss ideas and strategies to personalize math remediation and intervention while transitioning between face-to-face and virtual learning.

Presented by:

Randy LaRusso, M.Ed.
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Theresa Shattuck, Ph.D.
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Aleasha Stevens, M.Ed.
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Suitable for teachers, tutors, homeschoolers, and those interested in TouchMath, this free session will discuss:

  • Suggestions on how to prioritize math skills to target for this school year and decrease the overwhelmed feeling that teachers are having
  • How embedded assessments can decrease stress on students
  • Ideas on managing the time crunch when moving back and forth between face-to-face and virtual learning

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Sandra Elliott, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandra T. Elliott, Ph.D. is a career educator who has spent over 4 decades working to enhance education for all students and improve schools and their systems around the globe. She has served as a Special Education teacher, and five-time principal in Florida and Colorado, and district-level administrator. She has held senior level positions at public/private education providers and foundations and was part of the EngageNY–Eureka Math team. Sandra is also a member of the UNESCO — sponsored international EDUsummIT that meets biennially. She is thrilled to be able to combine her focus on Special Education and Math at TouchMath.

Randy LaRusso, M.Ed.

Randy LaRusso has been a leader in the field of special education for 42 years. Her experience includes special education teacher, district level leadership and adjunct professor at the University of Central Florida. Randy was the founding director of the Florida ACCESS Project for the Florida Department of Education and in that capacity was responsible for the development of curriculum for students with significant cognitive disabilities (SwSCD) as well as professional development for teachers, administrators and parents across the state. As Florida’s liaison to the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) Randy worked closely with other states and national organizations on the development of alternate achievement standards aligned to Common Core State Standards. She continues to serve as an expert panel member for the national technical assistance project on the inclusion of SwSCD, the TIES Center.  As a national presenter, she is considered an expert in the field of curriculum and instruction and professional development.

Theresa Shattuck, Ph.D.

Dr. Theresa Shattuck became an educator in 1975. She has taught in both general education and special education settings. Her areas of expertise are Autism Spectrum Disorders, behavior, classroom management, and standards-based instruction. She recently retired from a large urban school district where she was the supervisor for Specialized Programs that served over 3000 students.

Dr. Shattuck has been a speaker at state and national conferences on the topics of autism and behavior, and was a guest speaker for the Chat-back during the run of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Winspear Opera House in January 2017. As a recent retiree, Theresa wants to help teachers using her years of experiences, successes, and mistakes.

Aleasha Stevens, M.Ed., PMP

Driven by a passion to advocate for the needs of all learners — particularly those who historically have not been empowered to do for so themselves — Aleasha is uniquely poised to draw from 20+ years of experience in increasingly responsible roles in the field of education including teaching, training and executive leadership. A resourceful and accomplished sponsor-for-change, Aleasha is well-regarded for building trusting partnerships to create organizational advantage as well as breakthrough results for individuals. A passionate educator at her core, Aleasha prides herself on caring deeply for students, understanding the educator’s perspective, and bringing the voice of the classroom to the boardroom.

Now an empty-nester and full time independent education consultant, Aleasha maintains her love for teaching and traveling as a seasonal ESL teacher in France while helping other educators do the same.